2010 Political Blog Posts:

1-08   Refocusing the Fight
1-16   Pat Robertson's God
1-20   Thank You, Massachusetts
1-23   Can We Have a Revolution Yet?
1-29   "Liveblogging" the State of the Union
1-30   Fine, Just Pass the Damn Bill
1-31   Props to Obama
2-06   Jack Bauer vs. The Underpants Bomber
2-07   The Last Gasps of Don't Ask/Don't Tell
2-20   Philip Uster Must Die
2-28   What the Public Option's Failure Reveals
3-10   Stupak is as Stupak Does
3-11   9/11 Truth
3-13   Is Israel Trying to Start WWIII?
3-17   Capitalism: A Tea Party Story
3-21   Happy Health Care Day
3-25   Obama's "Mission Accomplished"
3-28   The Great Republican Strategery Fail
3-31   Tea Party Theology (or "Tea-ology")
4-05   Liberal vs. Conservative: The Fundamentals
4-17   Conservative Cowardice
4-24   ChangeTM
4-25   The Myth of 'Political Capitol'
4-28   Papers Please / Ausweis Bitte
5-04   We Are Under Their Control
5-11   Obama's Worst Enemy: Progressives?
5-13   You Have the Right to STFU
5-19   "This is God's Country"
5-22   In Defense of Rand Paul
5-23   Obama's Missed Oil-portunity
5-24   Long-Term Pessimistic
5-26   A Proper Attack on Rand Paul
6-04   America's Chosen People
6-05   How About a "Told you so"?
6-06   Invisible Racism
6-11   You Shouldn't Have Voted for Blanche Lincoln
6-16   Destroy the Revolving Door
6-19   Barack and Tony: The Musical
6-21   Israel, Rahm Emanuel, Iran, World Cup
6-22   Abortion, Progressives, Oil Spill, Afghanistan
6-23   Income Inequality, Environment, General McChrystal
6-24   Let Congress Know We're Not Stupid
6-25   Confirmation Bias, Bill O'Reilly, Afghanistan
6-26   Tea Party, American Interventionism, Future Predictions
6-27   Guantanamo, File Sharing, Wall Street, Net Neutrality
6-28   Beware the Christian Right
6-29   Oil Moratorium, Elena Kagan, World Cup
6-30   Republicans, "Afghanistanalogy"
7-01   Props to Russ Feingold, Media's McChrystal Fail
7-02   Obama a Fool?, Stupid Americans, Glenn Beck Rally, Afghanistan
7-03   Assassination of American Citizens, BP's Clean-Up
7-05   God Hates Tolerance, Threat to Social Security
7-06   Michael Steele on Afghanistan, Democrats Surrender
7-08   Marijuana Legalization, Bogus Deficit Concerns, World Cup
7-09   Fixing the Electoral Process, Afghanistan, ET Presence
7-10   21st Century Slavery
7-12   CNN Fires Journalist for Having an Opinion
7-13   Wasteful Spending, Obama Campaigning
7-15   Obama Hates Whitey, Loves Black Panthers
7-17   Elizabeth Warren, Republicans Wrong on Deficit, Tea Party Racism
7-18   Democrats Cave on Immigration, Politico's Conventional Bullshit
7-19   Props to the Tea Party?
7-20   The Obama Paradox
7-21   Thanks for the support, Mr. President
7-22   Fox "News" Shows its True Colors
7-23   Social Security, Tax Cuts for the Rich, American Interventionism
7-25   The Fox News Administration, Elizabeth Warren
7-26   Refudiating Sarah Palin
7-27   National Security Argument for DADT Repeal
7-28   The Climate Cave-In
7-29   NPR vs. Fox News
7-30   The Afghanistan WikiLeak, the Media, and the Future of Humanity
7-31   You Might be a Liberal (and not even know)
8-01   Congress on Crack
8-02   Thank God for Newt Gingrich
8-03   The BP Oil Disaster: Just the Beginning?
8-04   Superdelegates, There is No Immigration Crisis, Geithner and Wall Street
8-05   Real Unemployment Numbers, Gay Marriage
8-06   Phony Deficit Concerns, Legalizing Pot and Gay Marriage
8-07   Calling the White House, Illegal Immigration
8-08   Lefty Protest, German Style
8-09   Rachel Maddow vs. Bill O'Reilly
8-10   Boycott Google Now
8-11   The Blanche Lincoln Message
8-12   Obamapologists vs. Real Progressives
8-13   Calling the FCC is Easy
8-14   Ground Zero Mosque: Bryan Fischer, Obama
8-15   The Enemy?
8-16   Can Obama Be Reached?
8-17   Another Plug for Cenk Uygur
8-18   Jesus Obama
8-19   "What Have We Not Been Talking About?"
8-20   Theory of Relativity: Liberal Conspiracy?
8-21   The Case for Scrapping the Senate
8-22   Fox News Reports, Fox News Decides
8-23   Glenn Beck's Fools' Gold
8-24   Power to the Iraqi People (Literally)
8-25   Is Fox News Evil or Stupid?
8-26   Know Your Enemy: The Koch Brothers
8-27   Ground Zero: "As we forgive those..."
8-28   What I Have in Common with Obama AND the Tea Party
8-29   An Interesting Approach to the Glenn Beck Rally
8-31   On Missing My Generation's War
9-29   How Liberals Can Send the Right Message this Election
10-1   This Hippie Punches Back (A Rant)
10-2   Tom Coburn Won't Let Us Help Haitians
10-3   Red and Blue Musing
10-4   Candidate Obama vs. President Obama
10-6   Busting the Tax-Cuts Myth
10-7   Terrorism, Torture, and the Tea Party
10-8   Germany's Lack of Church/State Separation
10-9   If I Hate You, You Must Hate Me
10-10 Campaign Ads Should be More Boring
10-11 Another Argument for Higher Taxes
10-12 Am I Being Too Hard on Obama?
10-13 America For Sale
10-15 Humanitarianism = Treason?
10-16 Fix Wall Street With a Single New Rule
10-17 Don't Ask Obama, He Won't Tell You
10-18 A Silver Lining in the Fund-Raising Cloud?
10-19 The Upcoming Tea Party Disillusionment
10-20 Obama Still Doesn't Get the Republicans
10-21 End DADT in Two Easy Steps
10-22 Top Three Races I Care About
10-23 The Most Important Mid-Term Election of All Time?
10-24 Most Important Mid-Terms: Reformulation
10-26 Aisha and Humanity
11-3   2010 Election: American Masochism
11-6   Blue Dogs Go Down, Olbermann's Suspension, Impending Tax-Cut Cave-In
11-10 Germans vs. Nuclear Energy
11-13 American Politics: Football with a Script
11-17 Washington's F***ed Up Priorities
11-21 A Conservative Manifesto
11-25 Be Thankful the Rich Are So Rich
11-27 Potential Positives of War in Korea
12-1   Revolution Earth: An Open Invitation
12-5   Obama is Dead. Long live Obama.
12-8   The Obama/Bush Tax-Cuts: Negotiating with Terrorists
12-11 I Concede: Hillary Would Have Been Better
12-13 Time to Talk Primary
12-24 This Moment in American History