Philosophical Blog Posts


Reflections on the Issues of Philosophy  (August 2007 - August 2008)
    Link to the index of my list of essays regarding nearly every major philosophical issue.
Human Revolution  (December 2007)
    My short essay calling for a major paradigm shift in human self-perception.
A Meditation on the Nature of Existence  (October 2003)
    A sketch of my complete belief system as I was just beginning to study philosophy.
The Existential Experiment of Human Experience  (March 2005)
    The most recent sketch of my complete belief system, which goes beyond metaphysics to find an
    ethical justification for working towards the betterment of mankind.
The Meaning of Life  (May 2000)
    The very first time I attempted to write down my entire belief system, during a period of time in which
    I was contemplating suicide.  This is the earliest piece of work on the site, and contains many silly
    ideas which I have long since abandoned, though it's still an interesting read.
The Struggle of Sisyphus: Absurdity and Ethics in the work of Albert Camus  (July 2006)
    Link to the index of my college thesis, a career-spanning analysis of the brilliant work of French
    existentialist Albert Camus.
Theosophy  (February 2008)
    My essay reflecting on the beautiful metaphysical system developed by Rudolf Steiner.
A New Earth  (January 2009)
    An exposition of the major ideas and concepts in Eckhart Tolle's influential book about overcoming the
    collective disease of humanity that springs from mistaking the voice in our heads, the ego, as who we
    really are.


The Secret Bullshit  (December 2007)
    A scathing rant of a critique, both serious and amusing, against the multi-million dollar scam that is
    Rhonda Byrne's guide to unlocking the hidden powers of the universe to grant your every desire.
Review: The God Delusion  (September 2008)
    A short review of Richard Dawkin's excellent argument against the existence of God.
Review: The Brothers Karamazov  (June 2008)
    A short review of Dostoevsky's classic, my favourite novel of all time.


"Synthian Truth"  (August 2006)
    My latest and greatest short story is more of a philosophical manifesto than an actual fictional
    narrative.  It should appeal to anyone who is interested in religion, science, and philosophy, as well as
    just plain cool ideas.