Travel Stories:
These are excerpts from my journals recounting particularly memorable stories, or events of my life that I refer back
to in my personal blog entries.

Ichenheim, May 2004 - My first time in Germany of my adult life, to the village where my grandmother was born.
Frankfurt, Fall 2004 - The journal I kept for the first half of my junior year as an exchange student.
Musik Club Offenburg, October 2004 - One of the most memorable and depressing nights of my life.
Paris + London, April 2005 - My first solo travel experience.
Live 8, July 2005 - My greatest story.  The most pivotal experience of my life.
Antigua, May 2008 - A fantastic sailing trip.
Bruges, May 2009 - The first genuine travel experience I had after moving to Hannover.
Berlin, May 2009 - An excellent weekend Berlin.
Frankfurt, July 2009 - Revisiting the city where I lived as an exchange student.
Berlin, September 2009 - Another weekend from Berlin, this time with my friend Krissi.
Hamburg, September 2009 - The second weekend trip for Kris and me.
Cologne, September 2009 - A month-long trip around Germany with Kris began here.
Strasbourg, September 2009 - The craziest night of the trip with Kris.
Bavaria, September 2009 - Hiking the Alps with Kris.
Prague, October 2009 - The trip with Kris hits an emotional roller-coaster.
Dresden + Leipzig, October 2009 - The grand finale of the adventure with Kris.
Antwerp, April 2010 - Reuniting with an old college friend in Antwerp.
London, December 2010 - An interview for a job in Japan becomes one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

Childhood Memoirs
The story of my life up until the middle of high school when I began keeping detailed journals.  The journals
themselves used to be online but I decided to remove them.  It's been more than ten years since this was written,
which should be enough time for people to recognize that I'm no longer who I was back then.  Once it's been ten
years since the events recounted in my first journal, I'll re-post that again and continue with each subsequent journal
until this website contains the full story of who I am and how I came to be this way.

This is basically a life-long work in progress.  Ever since I was 11 years old, I have been writing books that take place
in the same imaginary universe.  In recent years I have mapped out an entire epic narrative that will span many books
and take many years--perhaps a lifetime--to complete.  While most of what I have written so far will basically add up
to mere back-story for the larger tale, I have provided everything I have written (except for the earliest books) so far.  
The universe evolves further and gets better with every bit of feedback I receive, so I have posted these books online
as an easy way to let people read them and share their thoughts with me.

Universe: Book II (Part One)
For anyone looking for a quick introduction to the universe of the STAR Corporation, I've provided the first section of
the unfinished book I am currently working on.  Books I and III were originally a single novel, and while I had not
planned to tell this particular story, after finishing the first novel I realised that this story, which is only alluded to
during the original narrative, needs to be told in full.   Although I believe the overall narrative is best served with this
section appearing after Book I, it can be read on its own without any knowledge of the events of other books.  I place
it here first because I stubbornly write in linear fashion and the other books begin rather slowly.  This is the strongest
beginning I have written, and it should serve as a good introduction to my universe.

Universe: Books I and III
This began as a sequel to my book about the mission to Andromeda which I had written in high school, re-written
from its first draft that I had composed at the age of 11.  As the writing progressed, the idea slowly morphed into
something much larger, and I found that I had the seeds of an an epic saga with a scope far grander than any work of
fiction that has ever been written.  These books are now just the first drafts of what will ultimately become the first
and third parts of that saga, which I hope to complete some time before I die.  But for anyone interested in
experiencing this massive, richly detailed universe that I have been developing since childhood, I have included these
versions.  A great deal of work needs to be done before this becomes what I envision it to be, and I would be
extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read this and to offer me feedback.  But more important than
feedback is the simple fact that the more people who experience this universe, the more real it will be.

This is the book I wrote in high school, telling the story of the mission to Andromeda and its crew of twelve
characters who must cope with their many conflicts while trapped on a tiny spaceship for an entire year.  This is the
version as it was completed in high school, and it suffers from many embarrassing flaws due to my overzealous
experimentations with style.  I do not foresee ever writing a publishable version of this story, but in spite of its
shortcomings I believe this book is still an entertaining read, and provides another avenue into my fictional universe, as
well as greater insight into the characters of the newer book.  All of the important events of this book are told in the
prologue to Universe, but that stripped-down narrative does little justice to this intricate and heartfelt work.


"Synthian Truth"  (August 2006)
    My latest and greatest short story is more of a philosophical manifesto than an actual fictional narrative.  It
    should appeal to anyone who is interested in religion, science, and philosophy, as well as just plain cool ideas.
"Unborn Fetuses v. The Constitution"  (May 2002)
    In my last semester of high school I had a bad case of senioritis, and instead of writing a report on what the
    Roe v. Wade case teaches us about "who governs?" and "to what ends?" for a class I took in government and
    politics, I wrote this short story and received an A on the assignment in spite of the minor insubordination.
"Infinite Time Justice"  (February 2002)
    A sci-fi literary experiment in which I tried to imagine the worst possible conditions for a prisoner.
"Late Nite Dealin'"  (December 2001)
    A short story written in the fall of 2001 for a creative writing class.  Taken from a tabloid article about a
    Catholic reverend who wanted to perform an exorcism over the phone for an archbishop who married a
    member of his congregation (and therefore must have been possessed by the devil) this is just an amusing little
    piece poking fun at religion.
"Another Moment Alone"  (October 2001)
    This was one of the first pieces I wrote for my creative writing class, in which I completely spill my guts into
    this laughably over-emotional little "story" which I only include here as a perfect illustration of my high school