It has never been more important for each and every human being to understand the time we live in and to take
action.  This time period is fundamentally different from every other point in history that has ever come before,
because this is the true crossroads of the history of our species.

In the last century, the potential for science and technology to radically alter the way we live on this planet has
grown exponentially.  We now have the capability to completely destroy ourselves, which is the inevitable
outcome if we continue along our current trajectory of wilful ignorance to political matters and divisive ways of
thinking about our fellow man.  On the other hand, we also have the capability to figure out how to live with our
technology in a manner that harmonizes with nature and all human cultures throughout the world.  We can
eliminate war, hunger, and disease if we have the
will to do so, and the ability to cooperate on a global scale.

On some level, we are all aware of this fact.  It is a fact of such stunning magnitude that many of us are
overwhelmed by it: This century will determine whether humanity as we know it goes extinct, or enters by way of
Revolution into a new paradigm of life in the universe.

A Revolution of some kind is inevitable.  Revolution in its essence is the engine that drives change throughout
existence on every scale.  The Big Bang was the Revolution that set this Universe into motion.  Billions of years
later, another Revolution occurred when stars containing the heavy elements that would be the building blocks of
life exploded, sending these versatile forms of matter out into the cosmos.  The next Revolution was the dawn of
life itself, followed by the most important Revolution to date: the appearance of intelligence.  The formation of life
might have been virtually inevitable in a universe such as ours, but for the conditions of a world to be so perfect as
to allow for the evolution of a species that is actually capable of thinking and reflecting on its own thought
processes is nothing short of miraculous.  The Earth had circled the sun billions of times before anything that could
think showed up on the scene, and thinking beings have only made it around the sun a few thousand times before
reaching this critical moment.

What is important to understand is that the formation of intelligence is not the end of the evolutionary process.  
Survival of the fittest extends well beyond our own world.  Adapt or perish is the law of existence throughout the
entire universe, and intelligent species are just as subject to this harsh reality as everything else.  If we cannot
adapt to the radically different circumstances that modern technology has brought about, it will consume us.  Our
time in the universe will have amounted to nothing more than a brief flicker of light in the darkness, and all that we
have ever thought and done will be wiped away.  The end of human existence would be another kind of
Revolution, though one most would not find desirable.

But there is another possibility, which I call Human Revolution.  If we can somehow come together and figure out
how to live together on this planet in such a way as to be able to sustain ourselves in the universe, we may reach
the next stage and eventually expand outward into the stars.  We can spread the unique and miraculous property
thought throughout the cosmos, and thus earn ourselves a far greater existential significance than we could ever
have attained by letting ourselves become a failed species.

The creation of this website was a Revolution in my own life.  I have been a passive observer of world events for
too long.  I have opinions and these opinions have no value unless I share them.  My goal is simply to advance this
message, which I believe is the most important message that has so far been conceived of by humanity in our brief
history.  The message does not originate with me, nor with any individual person, but it has arisen
naturally, as a
result of thought being applied to the present circumstances of life on Earth.  Anyone who has given thought to the
state of the world today knows this message.  It exists in the subconscious of every human mind, and our goal
must be to bring it right to the forefront of our collective awareness.  You already know the message:  The fate of
our species is
in our hands, and our hands alone.

There are three levels at which the collective human consciousness must change if the Human Revolution is to have
any chance of happening, and these are 1- Personal, 2- Political, and 3- Spiritual (or philosophical).

The Personal obstacle is the easiest to overcome because it takes place purely on an individual level.  All you have
to do is decide that you want to help bring about this change, and you have broken the first barrier.  My purpose
in creating this web-site is to give as many people as possible a nudge in that direction.  I know how difficult it is
to take that first step, especially now when things seem so bad that to imagine we can reach a new enlightenment
as a species seems impossible.

This leads to the next obstacle, which is political.  Revolutions never happen from the top down, so we can not
expect our political leaders—especially those in power today in the United States—to do the work for us.  They
are not the best and the brightest—they are only the most ambitious, and they are not truly in control anyway.  A
small group of extremely wealthy elites who own the corporations that control the government are the people who
are really running the world, and like all aristocracies they have no concern for the lives of the people at the
bottom of the social ladder.

Neither the politicians nor the wealthy elites have any idea how to handle the crises this world is currently facing,
nor do they care enough to try and figure it out.  Left to their own devices they will just continue to drive the world’
s crumbling infrastructures straight into the ground.  The elites are fat and comfortable and will not put their
empires in jeopardy by accepting the premise that the entire social hierarchy needs restructuring.  The politicians
cannot even see past the next election, let alone the next century.  If change is to happen, it can only happen from
the bottom up, and it will happen when people make their voices heard with actual
words—words like those on
this website—and not just

The final obstacle to overcome is a spiritual one, and it is going to be the most difficult by far.  Most people will
accept that personally, they ought to do something to make the world a better place.  And most people will
accept that our systems of government are not going to change things for the better unless we change these
systems.  But most of the world’s population will still not accept that religion—as it has been understood for the
past several thousand years—is obsolete.  I do not mean that there is no God or that no wisdom can be found in
the Bible or other holy texts, but simply that we must get beyond the narrow concept of divinity that places Earth
at the centre of the universe and diminishes God to the lowly status of a weak deity with human characteristics
such as vengefulness and preference for one ethnic group over another.  The Earth is so small and the Universe so
large that God must be something so far removed from our level of experience that we can barely begin to
comprehend it.  In any case, the most serious obstacle that humanity faces is the idea that exists like a virus in the
minds of the majority of human beings that our fate is
not in our own hands but in God’s, and that we are not free
to save ourselves but that our doom is predetermined.  If the power is in the hands of people who believe that
Armageddon is coming, we should not be surprised when these very people are those who bring Armageddon

The most important question regarding the perpetuation of the human species is not just the mechanics of
how to
form a working hierarchical structure that will allow us to endure for millions of years, but what kinds of
values we
will be perpetuating by achieving sustainable existence.  Who are we as a species and what will a sustainable
humanity be like?  If we must all become emotionless cyborgs enslaved to the wills of the powerful, this is not a
desirable outcome and this is not the Revolution we want to bring about.  Our Revolution aims not just to save our
species, but to
mould ourselves into a species that is worth saving.

But before we can even begin to approach the enormously difficult task of agreeing on a universally acceptable set
of values for all of mankind, and before we can begin working on the mechanics of how to bring about the
Revolution, we must first advance the proposition that Revolution is
necessary, and that we are all responsible for
making it happen.

This Revolution must be different from all previous historical Revolutions: it must be brought about
peacefully.  In
the past all major changes have been bought with the blood of many martyrs.  This may have been necessary at
those times, but it is no longer so.  Our species has advanced beyond its adolescence and I believe we are now
intelligent enough to bring about change merely because we recognise that change is necessary for our own
survival.  This is not a Revolution of the lower classes against the upper classes, or of one nation against an
oppressor, but of
all Humanity against the greatest threat we have ever faced: extinction.

The most important struggle in human history is not between democracy and totalitarianism, religion and
secularism, or destitute masses and wealthy elite.  The struggle is between life itself and the cold indifference of the
universe.  Millions of species have gone extinct and millions more will do so.  The universe will not give us
preferential treatment because we have intelligence.  We must
use our intelligence to find a way to prevent our
own extinction and to enter a new stage of life in the universe.  The Revolution from simple life to intelligent life is
over.  The new Revolution, from planetary-based intelligent species in the grips of internal turmoil to a space-
faring species standing together in worldwide solidarity is what must now begin.

This Revolution begins with websites like these.  I will share my opinions with the world through the medium of the
internet and influence as many as I can.  The Revolution continues with you.  Create your own website and share
your own opinions.  Link up with my site and together we can build a network of individuals who share this
common vision and advance the messages that need to be advanced.  We will not always agree, and where we
disagree we ought to debate and attempt to reach consensus rather than draw new lines of division.  The objective
is to bring humanity together, and the internet is the key to accomplishing this goal.  All it takes is for us to
recognise and utilise its potential—a potential which has never existed before in the history of the world.

My vision is for every human being to have a space on the worldwide-web to share their opinions, their life
stories, their artwork, and anything else they believe to be of value.  A worldwide network of sites like these is the
only possible framework from which to begin the Human Revolution.  Once enough people are using the internet
to voice their own opinions or share the opinions of others that they believe should be spread, we can begin the
Great Global Discussion that has never been possible until this generation.

Our generation has inherited the world from a long line of ancestors who lived in a world radically different than
that we find ourselves in.  We may not be responsible for their mistakes, but we need to take responsibility for
reversing the damage before it becomes irreversible.  No generation has ever been as important as the generation
that is currently alive on this planet right now.  We are on the verge of global catastrophe but within us is the
capability to save ourselves and reach the next stage of our existence.  What we lack is a common vision and a
platform from which this common vision can be launched.  I believe that the survival of our species can be this
common vision, and that a global network of websites by individuals who are willing to share and discuss their
political, philosophical, and spiritual opinions is the platform from which this vision can be made into a reality.

Just as our species now stands at the crossroads, you stand at one as well.  Will you be a passive observer of
global events, convinced that you are too small to make a difference?  Or will you join me?  My voice alone
speaks at a very low volume.  Our voices together will speak a little louder.  If we combine our voices with
average, ordinary, otherwise powerless individuals from around the world, we will be speaking with a volume so
loud that everyone will hear.  And when this moment comes, and everyone hears the voice of Humanity calling us
together and joins in the call, the Human Revolution can finally begin.
Human Revolution
Kem Stone - December 2007