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Revolution Earth: Ideal Government

February 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments


What is the ideal form of government? What are some qualities that an ideal government should have? If humanity ever manages to come together and overthrow the existing purely-profit-driven global power structure to replace it with a brand new system, what should that system look like?

This is the first Topic of the Month at Revolution Earth, an effort to draw people in and get some discussion going in the hopes of starting to build an online community of people dedicated to fostering the kind of global communication necessary to bring about a better and more sustainable life on this planet for all people.

When I started this website last summer there was a decent amount of enthusiasm at the very beginning which has since dried up almost completely. Anyone visiting the site right now will be turned away by the fact that I’m the only one who has posted anything in weeks. What’s the point of posting anything there if it will only generate a response from a single person? Unless a few more people start contributing and commenting on each others’ posts, the site will remain stuck in the ditch it’s currently in. I’d hate to see this thing fail, not just because I’ve already put so much time and effort (and money) into it, but because every single person I’ve told about it has liked the idea. It’s just that nobody participates, either because the format doesn’t appeal to them, they don’t have the time, or they just don’t know what to post.

My hope is that introducing this topic of the month will remedy the last two problems. Anyone who has any interest in the topic of ideal government has the whole month to think about it and post their thoughts on this specific issue. Hopefully others will take a look and be confronted with some ideas they hadn’t considered before, and those who contribute will get comments with ideas they hadn’t considered before either.

Whether you have an entire scheme for an ideal government worked out in your mind or just a few ideas as to what the ideal government should look like, I hope you’ll share. I’ll promote each new post on the Revolution Earth Facebook page which you can share with all of your friends and hopefully generate some new interest that way. If this does succeed in bringing some activity to the site I’ll open up my wallet even further and start paying to promote the site which should draw even more people in. But for now, the best way to go about this is a personal plea to anyone who takes a moment to read this.

As for the site’s other deficiencies, those can be worked out with time. I’ve tried dozens of different WordPress themes and they all suffer from one or more major flaws, so I’ve settled on the one that is closest to what I have in mind. But if more people do take an interest we might eventually get people on board who can program a website far more conducive to the lofty goals of the site.

The internet is changing the world. We’re seeing the potential for revolutionary change right now in countries like Tunisia and Egypt. Whatever the new governments of these countries look like, it’s a given that they will fall short of perfection. Perfection will probably never be reached, but at least we can give some thought to what it might look like. These revolutions can be followed by subsequent revolutions, and hopefully as the century progresses we’ll start to see some political movements that cross international boundaries. The corporations that currently determine the course of human events have power that stretches across many countries, and there is no way to effectively counter them unless the people of various countries stand together as well. The internet is the only way this can happen. A site like Revolution Earth, I hope, is at the very least a step in that direction.

Thank you for reading this and for considering helping me in my efforts. Any comments, suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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