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State of the Blog 2011

January 26th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was going to write about Obama’s state of the union address today, but the speech was so bland, boring, and unremarkable that there’s really nothing to say about it, so instead I’ll just write up a quick entry explaining where my political blogging stands as of now and where I expect it will remain for the year.

I recently put myself through the arduous task of archiving all of my political posts from 2010, during which I spent several months dutifully composing at least one entry a day and sometimes several. It was a little experiment to see if more content would generate more traffic, and while the average number of hits per day did rise steadily it didn’t result in more comments which was the whole point. And now, the recent addition of a meta menu to the blog which allows people to register has generated several new registrations a day, virtually all of which appear to be spam-bots that automatically register on any blog for which one can register. It seems that just as few actual people are reading this blog now than when I started it.

I stopped forcing myself to write an entry a day because it was tiresome, but now that I have a good reason to believe that most of those entries went unread by anyone anyway it now seems completely pointless. I would often write about something I didn’t really care about just to have something to write, and a good deal of the 2010 entries are complete garbage.

So let me now make official what has already been apparent for quite some time: I’m no longer writing an entry a day or with any kind of regular schedule. Instead, I’m only writing when I have a topic I feel is worth writing about and when I feel I have something worthwhile to say. I cross-post almost all of my entries to Open Salon anyway (where people actually read and comment on them) and it would be excessive to post there every day.

At any rate, this year in politics looks like it’s going to be just as boring and predictable as Obama’s speech. We’ll see the Republican House pass all kinds of nonsense legislation only to have it fail in the senate or be vetoed by the president, and Obama himself continue to triangulate in preparation for the 2012 re-election campaign by catering to the establishment even more than he did in his first two years. No significant legislation will be passed, no major change delivered. And because it’s virtually a mortal sin to so much as suggest a progressive primary challenge, it’s a safe bet that the country will remain on the same steadily declining course for the next 6 years minimum (assuming the next financial crisis doesn’t come along and hasten that decline).

Blogging will hardly make a lick of difference, as no one in the establishment pays any attention to the chatter in the blogosphere anyway. Corporate America is the Borg, and it has both political parties and all major media outlets fully assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Nevertheless, I will continue to occasionally offer my thoughts on certain issues in the slight hope that I can sway a few opinions here and there and provide arguments for my fellow progressives to use in their own political debates, mostly for the mental exercise and the satisfaction of contributing in whatever virtually insignificant way I can to the national conversation.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep trying to figure out a way to get Revolution Earth off the ground, starting with a “topic of the month” in February which I hope will generate some activity. The best way to recruit participants is to spend much more time reading other people’s blogs, making contact with those I find impressive, and inviting them to join. Stay tuned.

In conclusion, the state of this blog is not very strong but I’m satisfied with where things stand. May God bless you (all of my non-robotic readers), and may God bless the internet.

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