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Revolution Earth: An Open Invitation

December 1st, 2010 No comments


I believe that we’re living at the most critical time in human history. In the past hundred years our technology has advanced to a point at which we are now capable of wiping out our entire species by rendering the Earth uninhabitable to us. Whether we can use our technology to transform our way of life to one of peace and sustainability or instead fall victim to our own short-sighted self-interests is the central question of our time.

I believe that conscious beings capable of thought and reflection are the most valuable beings in the universe. It is through beings like us that the universe becomes aware of itself.

I believe that life in the universe is rare and intelligent life even rarer. Among the few species who manage to the stage of technological civilization, I believe most of them perish before establishing a sustainable way of life that allows them to advance to a stage of interstellar exploration and colonization. The few that succeed at reaching this stage, because their fates are no longer tied to a single planet or solar system, are privileged to endure in the universe for time-scales many thousands of times longer than we’ve been around.

I believe that in spite of our violent history, humanity has much to offer the universe by the way in which we experience and appreciate it, both in terms of scientific and philosophical inquiry as well as artistic creativity. It would be a profound shame if all of our scientific discoveries and intellectual breakthroughs amount to naught, and all of our art and history lost to extinction, never to be appreciated by anyone again.

I believe that if we do want humanity to survive in the long-term, we each have a responsibility to work towards this goal in whichever way our experiences, skills, and life circumstances allow. This and the next few generations have the enormous burden of determining which path our species goes down.

I believe that the internet is the key to taking the right path, and if we can use this unprecedented technology to bring the various peoples and cultures of the world together under a common vision, we have a chance to transform the global power-structures so that they serve the interests of all of humanity and not just the already-powerful. Consider how radically advances such as the printing press and radio technology altered the global landscape, and consider how short a time the internet has been a force in the world.

I believe that if enough of us begin to use the power the internet gives us to communicate across cultures, share ideas, and enlist others in common causes, we may find ourselves on the cusp of a revolution the likes of which the world has never seen.

My skills and life circumstances have allowed me to create a website designed for this very purpose. An online forum dedicated to facilitating the kinds of important discussions and cross-cultural communication necessary to achieve such a revolution. It is currently nothing more than a forum and a blog, but given enough time and interest I believe it can grow into something much greater.

This is an open invitation to anyone reading to join me in this effort, register at Revolution Earth, and get involved in the discussion. If you are a blogger, consider cross-posting your entries to the site. Almost all topics are relevant, from politics to philosophy to meaningful personal stories. The only thing that doesn’t belong on the site is trivia (though a little levity will always be appreciated).

I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback. If you don’t like how the site looks or feels now, I’d love to hear how you would improve it.

If you like the idea but don’t feel you have time to contribute, perhaps you know somebody that might? Please invite any and all people you know who share similar thoughts and concerns about the fate of humanity to join the community. Word-of-mouth is the best hope this has to grow.

It may be a long time before our community is large enough to become a force on the world stage, but until that time we can take on smaller issues of local concern. Our members will determine which causes to get involved in, and as we grow the causes will grow broader. As I travel the world I’ll be recruiting as many people from various cultures as I can, and the site will become increasingly more international.

The road from here to Revolution may be a very long one, and we may never reach our destination. But it does absolutely no harm to try.