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Be Thankful the Rich Are So Rich

November 25th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I keep waiting for someone other than a left-wing blogger or commentator (perhaps some kind of Democratic politician, perhaps some kind of president of some kind of united body of states) to throw the wrench into the argument that the unemployment crisis in this country is a result of the wealthiest Americans and corporations not having enough money.

According to the New York Times, corporations earned a record $1.66 trillion in profits in the third quarter of 2010.

Well that’s good news. I guess now they can finally start using all those obscene profits to create jobs, no?


The corporations of America are not only doing just fine—they’re better than ever. And yet the titans of industry are still making the absurd claim that Obama is anti-business, and if he would just cozy up to the Wall Street fat-cats a little more, just crawl a little deeper into their proverbial assholes, the rest of America will start to see some real job creation.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I’d suggest that when the super-wealthy people who work for Wall Street banks, private health insurance companies, the oil and coal industries, and any business that makes up the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are gathered around the dinner table, they say how thankful they are that we don’t have a real Democratic president who actually wants to reform anything.

I’ll just be thankful that these rich people have so much stinking money that they can afford to keep buying politicians and media hacks to continue to rattle off the absurd talking-point that Obama is a radical anti-business leftist who just hates hates HATES it when corporations make a profit.

Assuming anyone actually reads this before sitting across from their conservative family members this Thanksgiving dinner, when you hear them parrot that propaganda about how the rich need more tax cuts so they can create jobs, point out to them that corporations are making record-breaking profits, the rich are better off than they ever were before, and they’re still laying off workers to save even more money.

But maybe once they’ve saved up so much money that they can buy every politician in the country three times over, they’ll use some of what’s left over to create jobs for Americans. No?

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