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Red and Blue Musing

October 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m having a social life today, so I’ll have to hold off on the more serious pieces I’ve been planning that will require a bit more time and care. Today I’ll just bang out a short musing that’s been on my mind for awhile.

The color-coding of the political parties in America has remained completely stable for the last couple of decades, to the point where most people my age don’t even realize that the Democrats weren’t always blue and the Republicans weren’t always red. The concept of “red states” and “blue states” is now so firmly ingrained in our national consciousness that I doubt it will ever change again.

What’s interesting is that in Germany and most other countries in the world, the color red is the color of the political left. That makes sense when you think of communism, which has always used red as its representative color. It’s the color of blood. The color of anger. It symbolizes the struggle of the common people against tyranny.

Somehow, the Republican Party in the U.S. became the red party and the Democrats settled on blue. But the Republican Party is the party of the power-elites, of the establishment, of the corporate tyranny that we all currently live under. Of course most of the average citizens who call themselves Republicans have it completely backwards, thinking that the Democrats are the party of the elite and the Republicans are the insurgents fighting on behalf of the people’s rights and liberties. Perhaps the color red has something to do with this misperception.

One thing I’m sure of is that red is the stronger color, and this makes sense because Republicans are typically the stronger politicians. Currently, supporters of the Republican Party are the far more loud and energetic segment of the population, while those who vote Democrat are demoralized and disgusted by the weakness of their party.

The color blue just doesn’t provoke the same feelings as red. It doesn’t stir the spirit and make people want to get out and raise hell. Blue is a melancholy color. A contemplative color. Perhaps it does fit our disposition better, but I often wonder if liberals would more easily be able to shed the perception of weakness if we took our color back.

We should be the red ones, the insurgents, the fighers on behalf of the people. Like all of the great uprisings in history since the French Revolution, we should be able to wave the red banner and have everyone know what it means: that we are for the people, that we are for liberty, and we’re willing to fight for what we believe.

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