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Glenn Beck’s Fools’ Gold

August 23rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Why anyone takes Glenn Beck seriously is beyond me. Here’s him invoking the attacks of 9/11 to shill for Goldline, his biggest sponsor:

Here is a guy with a clear financial interest in making people think that civilization is about to collapse. Of course he’s going to go over-the-top and constantly tell everyone that the sky is falling, that Barack Obama is destroying the country, that the communists are taking over, the Muslims are invading, and that our only defense is to be ready to take up arms against the government and bring down the system.

Of course, once the system is toppled you’re going to need some sort of currency, and paper money won’t be worth anything.

However, here’s a thought that just doesn’t occur to people:

What makes you think that if civilization collapses, gold is going to be worth anything either?

Currency only has value insofar as people agree it has value. Without a system in place to guarantee that value, paper is just paper and you might as well wipe your ass with it.

But what are you going to do with gold? They’re just shiny rocks, after all. Just as useless as paper if not moreso (you can’t even wipe your ass with it).

Sorry, Glenn Beck viewers who think they’ve made some kind of incredibly wise investment and are now safe and secure should civilization crumble, but you’ve wasted your money. The human race is past the time in its history when everyone agrees that these shiny rocks have value.

If I’m living in a post-apocalyptic world and Glenn Beck comes to my farm asking to trade some of his shiny gold coins for food, I tell him to get lost unless he can offer something of real value.

Food, labor, and guns will be the only real forms of currency in that world. At least Glenn Beck’s viewers have plenty of that last one.

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