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“What Have We Not Been Talking About?”

August 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Let me preface this by saying that I like Keith Olbermann, that I think he often does great work, with Monday’s special comment, “There is no ‘Ground Zero Mosque’” standing as a shining example.

But while I was watching the show last night, he said something that made a few synapses in my brain burst. He brought on Eugene Robinson (whom I also like) to discuss the mosque issue and he opened with this question:

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“What have we not been talking about during these 24-hour news cycles that have been commandeered by the so-called mosque controversy?” he asks.

Robinson responds by listing a few of the more important issues that the media should be talking about, including the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the upcoming mid-term elections.

I felt like shouting, “Well, why don’t you talk about these things? You have a television show! You can talk about whatever you want. You decided to devote the first fifteen minutes of your program to talk about something that you don’t think is worth talking about, and then complain about how this is all the media is talking about!”

In all fairness, Keith Olbermann doesn’t determine the news cycle any more than I do. He just reports and comments on whatever happens to be in the news cycle, and he does do a great job of keeping certain stories like the BP oil catastrophe in the headlines long after the rest of the media has lost interest.

But in the words of Eric Cantor, “Come on.” Seriously—you are obviously aware that this whole controversy is just a strategic political move on the part of the right-wing to divide the country, get the left and right to yell at each other, and distract people from the important issues. So why be a part of it? Why not decide that you’re not going to fall into that trap—that you’ve said your piece on the controversy and now you’re going to focus on more important matters like what the government is or is not doing to help the economy and what we are or are not doing to bring the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a responsible end.

Oh, and did you know that Pakistan is quickly turning into the lost city of Atlantis? Yes, millions of Muslims are suffering while America is too stuck in this anti-Muslim tizzy to notice or care.

Even I am somewhat guilty of my own charge here, as I could be writing about Pakistan but instead I’m bitching about the media bitching about itself. My only excuse is that I’m a blogger that nobody reads, so it’s not my responsibility to determine the news cycle. Still…just…come on.

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