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Beware the Christian Right

I don’t feel like blogging at all today, but I’m going to bang out one quick post in order to stick to my resolve of blogging every day. I’ll just quickly repeat this blogger’s warning that the Christian Right is far from marginalized, and that it in fact stands ready to take control of the Republican Party and possibly even the country in 2012:

Every day in media markets across the nation, their media identify right wing views and apocalyptic warnings with “the true, uncompromised Christian worldview” for millions of voters. Conservative talk radio paranoia goes out on the same stations as sermons pleading with the audience to come to Christ. Listeners are told, year after year, that Christians are under siege and threaten with suppression, that liberals and the Democrats are socialists, that if they don’t support politically conservative positions disaster is imminent.

We’re clearly moving in this direction already. What most of us fail to understand is that the “Christian Right” is not some amorphous entity but actually a very concrete, organized political machine that could even be thought of as its own political party–a party within a party.

Three of the biggest names in the Republican Party–Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee, are all far more closely aligned with the Christian Right than the establishment Republican Party. And given just how unpopular the establishment is right now (albeit rightly so) and how rapidly the view is taking hold that America is some kind of battlefield between good Christians and the evil, socialist government, it’s not extremely unlikely that one of these people will win the Republican nomination in 2012. And given how unpopular Obama is and how much support he loses every day especially from his own base, it’s not out-of-the-question that one of these people will become president.

I highly doubt Palin or Bachmann could win a general election, but Huckabee has enough surface charm to possibly pull it off. He’s a likable enough guy for most sane Americans to look past his evangelical views and vote for him without fully understanding what they’ll be getting.

If the Christian Right takes over the White House, we can expect a legislative agenda including a strong push to outlaw abortion in all cases including rape and incest, continued war with “Muslim countries”, intelligent design being required learning in schools, and possibly laws against purely religious crimes including adultery, homosexuality, or sacrificing sick or defective oxen to the Lord (Deuteronomy 17:1).

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