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We Are Under Their Control

In this post I’m going to outline my perception of what’s really going on at the highest echelons of power in the world today and how we are being controlled by giant corporations. I’ll admit right from the start that this is all speculation and that my assertions would have far more weight if I were to thoroughly research them and provide references, but my purpose as a blogger is merely to present ideas for others to consider. This is just my perception based on everything I’ve seen, heard, and read since becoming politically aware, and if it’s true I think we’d all do well to acknowledge it.

I’ll refer to the powers-that-be who control the corporations that control the U.S. and other world governments as the “power elite” though I won’t speculate much as to who these people are exactly and what their specific agenda might be if they have one. It may be the case that some organization like the Bilderberg group is really doing this with some master plan for global enslavement in mind, but but I haven’t seen enough evidence to convince me of such a conclusion. There is, however, a preponderance of evidence to suggest that political power today is concentrated in very few hands which have no concern for the collective well-being of humanity.

Their top priority seems to be the consolidation of power, but whether this is an end in itself or merely the means to some other goal is a question I’ll leave open. I’ll merely state how I believe they’ve managed to consolidate all this power and how they are continuing to do so.

1- Accumulate Wealth

Money is power, so the more money you have concentrated in one organization the more powerful that organization will be. The power elites seem to have gotten their hands in the big banks and worked hard to make those banks bigger and bigger to the point where the entire capitalist system became dependent on them. Once “too big too fail” they allowed themselves to crash and became even more powerful. For one thing, a few smaller competitors went under, thus increasing the influence of those left standing. But more insidiously, they crashed the entire economy, further squeezing money and therefore power from the hands of individuals. Now they’ve got hundreds of billions at their disposal and the average person can barely afford to spend anything on causes they believe in. Even if every last American citizen chipped in $5 to an effort to break up the big banks, the big banks could still out-spend them to prevent that from happening.

2- Control the Electoral Process

The democratic process has been around for too long to simply discard it altogether, so the power elites need to maintain the illusion that things are as they always were. As big as they are, a population united against them could topple them and the sudden abolishment of elections could very well lead to violent revolution. It’s much easier to let the people go on believing they still have a say in the direction their country goes.

So you simply put all your money into the candidates you know will do your bidding. Elections are little more than a popularity contest that allows the public to choose which brand appeals to them most. The Ron Pauls, Dennis Kucinitches, Mike Gravels and Ralph Naders of this world don’t stand a chance thanks to the corporate influence over the media, a point I’ll get to momentarily. Instead you get the Bill Clintons and Barack Obamas of this world who can pretend to be on the side of the people while actually catering to the power elite.

The 2008 election really felt for awhile like we were determining our country’s future, but it was all just a show. After eight years in which their puppet George W. Bush did everything the power elite could have asked for and more, the people were demanding a change of course. Bush had been too blatant about where his loyalties lied, and the people wouldn’t accept anyone who looked like they’d continue to funnel wealth and power from the middle and lower-classes to those at the very top of the economic ladder. So they offered us Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both novelties due to their race or gender. On the surface, both represented change, but underneath the veneer both candidates were exactly the same. Had the Hillary brand won out over the Obama brand, she would have been governing in the exact same way.

The McCain brand was clearly not strong enough on its own so they attached it to the Palin brand, which served another of their purposes I’ll get to shortly. Had the public chosen this brand things would be more or less the same, only the McCain/Palin administration would not have had to bother as much with appearances. Obama ran on a platform of change so he has to pretend to deliver on it. Thus we get an industry-friendly health care bill and an industry-friendly financial reform package, both of which look like change to the naked eye but which only perpetuate business as usual. Had McCain won they simply wouldn’t have had to put on that particular show. Elections do have consequences but mostly purely cosmetic ones.

3- Divide the People

The only real threat to the power elite is a population united against them, so they do all they can to divide us. It’s easy when every mainstream media outlet is owned by a handful of giant corporations which are themselves controlled by the power elite. They get to decide how the news is reported and which stories are told in the first place.

Of course you never see stories about power consolidation in the mainstream media. Fights over issues such as the deregulation of airwaves and net neutrality are barely mentioned, and when they are brought up they’re never explained sufficiently. If you’re lucky, at least both arguments are presented, but even though one side is being completely disingenuous they are never called out on it.

Much more visibly, however, we see the obsessive focus on culture war issues that most divide us. Abortion, gay marriage, immigrants, drugs, and so on…these are all easily comprehensible issues that people get fired up about. Recently, organizations controlled by the power elite such as Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity have hit a grand-slam with the whole Tea Party movement, which has been extraordinarily effective at dividing the people against each other.

The most obvious culprit in the media world is Fox News who blatantly promote the Tea Party and constantly level the most ridiculous charges against the president which serve both to misdirect the anger of their conservative audience and back progressives into a corner from which they have to defend the president against these baseless accusations. Most laughably, they’ve succeeded in getting nearly every conservative in America to believe that Barack Obama is a socialist when in fact he is the exact opposite. Obama is bought and paid for by the corporations and is doing absolutely nothing to diminish their power or increase state control over them. To continue deceiving his own base he has to make it appear as though he is reining them in, which allows Fox to continue attacking him for his “radical socialism”.

But Fox News isn’t the only network to blame. Every last one of them refuse to cover stories of corporate consolidation of power, and even the most progressive hosts on television don’t go near such issues. Even Rachel Maddow, whom I respect more than any other TV commentator, spends most of her time going after republicans while leaving the corporations more or less alone. Olbermann takes it one step further and spends most of his time making fun of conservatives and attacking the right-wing, and while the attacks may be warranted it doesn’t help us in the long run when what we really need to do is put our differences aside and come together against our common foe. MSNBC allows progressives to call politicians on their bullshit because there’s an audience for that and they’re relatively harmless as long as they don’t get to the heart of the matter. But liberals hosts are just as useful for polarizing the public as conservative hosts.

4- Provide No Alternative

The power elites can and will maintain their control as long as those of us who can see what’s going on can’t see a way out. The two-party system is entrenched so deeply within the system that almost everyone who votes feels forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. The democrats used to be the party that stood for the little guy, but now they serve their corporate masters just as much as the republicans only less openly. They still have to pay lip service to progressive ideals to get elected and keep the show going on.

What we’re seeing now is the political right-wing being constantly pushed further to the right thanks to Fox News and the groups that fund the Tea Party. This gives democrats plenty of breathing room to move away from the left and towards the center-right, to where the republicans used to be. A democrat today is like a republican of twenty years ago, while a republican today is like a dixiecrat of a hundred years ago, capitalizing on the xenophobia and the fear people have of “losing our country”.

In 2012 we’ll be presented with yet another choice of brands. Some far-right lunatic—the only republican capable of winning a primary anymore—or Barack Obama. Either way, the corporations win. Obama can continue to snuff his base and serve the corporate masters time and time again right up until the election because he knows progressives will have no viable alternative. We either get the corporate shill on right or the corporate shill slightly to the left of him (or her, if they actually decide to go with Palin).

5- Marginalize Dissent

The internet is the last bastion of hope we have at disseminating anti-corporate views without fear of being silenced. But net neutrality is already under attack and Obama is—surprise, surprise—already showing signs of caving in on this issue. Very soon corporations will have the power to un-level the playing field, making corporate-friendly sites far more accessible than those who oppose or allow their members to express opinions opposing them. How long before any anti-corporate blog post is censored and any anti-corporate YouTube video is removed? Freedom of expression may be breathing its last gasps.

So let’s keep fighting while we still can. I’m contributing the only way I know how—by presenting my point of view and hoping others will agree with it. I drop my pebble in the ocean of online discourse and hope the ripples spread as far as possible.

The only hope we have is to organize against the power elite and consolidate our own power to stand against that they’ve already accumulated. That means putting aside our personal and political differences for the time being and approaching online discourse from a standpoint of trying to accomplish something. Far too many people blog and comment purely to feed their own ego, and while I’ll admit there’s an element of that to my own endeavors in the blogosphere, my primary motivation is to contribute to humanity in whatever way I can.

And that means stopping these corporations before they become too big to stop. If a handful of like-minded elites manage to accumulate more than half the world’s wealth/power, the other half will be powerless to stop them. It may already be too late. Thanks to the narrative we get from the media we are more polarized than ever, pitted against each other over issues of complete triviality in comparison to the big issue. Fighting amongst ourselves is exactly what they want us to do, and they’re doing a great job getting us to do it.

But we can all recognize what’s happening if we look hard enough, and whether we’re conservative or liberal we can all agree that we don’t want to have the entire world run by a small group of wealthy elites who seem motivated purely by self-interest. I’ll write posts like this as often as I have to, and continue to try and expand my online presence to reach as many people as I can because I believe this is the most important issue of our time—perhaps of all time. I hope you agree.

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