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Stupak is as Stupak does

March 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So let me get this straight. You’re going to kill the health care bill, which you purportedly support, because the abortion-restricting language is not restricting enough? It’s not enough that no taxpayer money can be used to fund abortions—you have to make it so that women can’t even use their own money to pay for abortions?

Okay, I guess that’s a mischaracterization of the Stupak-Pitts amendment. Women can still pay for their own abortions if they can afford it, but anyone receiving government subsidies to pay for their health-insurance (which will now be mandated by law) won’t be able to use that insurance to pay for an abortion.

It would seem that Stupak wants more babies born to poor parents. The rich and well-to-do can continue to keep their families to a manageable size, but poor people just have to pray the birth control doesn’t fail. Oh, but Stupak is a catholic? And catholics oppose birth control too. So either Stupak wants poor people to stop having sex altogether, or he wants to see an explosion in the number of poor, poverty-stricken children.

How moral of him! He’s sticking to those principles all right! Jesus must be smiling down upon him. Now all those fetuses who would have otherwise been aborted will be able to grow into unwanted children of parents who can barely afford to feed them! Just as the good Lord intended! We all know how much He loves the poor, so he must want more of them!

But this isn’t really about abortion, is it? It’s about killing health care reform by dropping a poison-pill into the mix that progressives in congress simply can’t support. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work, but it might. In any case, it’s a brilliant strategic move. Shameful, outrageous, and pure evil, but brilliant.

Stupak, I believe, is one of those rare individuals (like Dick Cheney) who is evil and who knows that he’s evil and delights in his evilness. He did live at C Street, a house in Washington run by the secretive religious organization known as The Family, who believe that what Jesus really meant by all that ‘caring for the poor’ stuff was that powerful people were blessed by God with their power and should rule over the ignorant masses with an iron fist like Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Joseph Pitts, the lesser-known architect of the Stupak-Pitts amendment, is also associated with The Family but gets less attention because he’s a Republican and therefore already assumed to be evil.

This whole thing was orchestrated as a way of killing health care reform, and if it works it will be almost too outrageous to get angry about. It’ll cross that line between infuriating and hilarious, and all I’ll be able to do is laugh hysterically at the absurd level of ineptness of our governing institutions. If health care reform dies because of a squabble over abortion—and not even about whether abortion should be legal but over nitty-gritty details of how abortions are paid for—that will prove once and for all that America is no longer a country but a joke.

The only people worse than you, Stupak, are the mystery congressmen who are apparently going to follow your lead in voting against the bill if you decide you aren’t satisfied with the abortion language. At least you can claim to be doing this on principle, but what about those others? They’re just going to vote however you vote? How is that principled? In fact, that’s the very definition of not being principled!

It’s like saying I’m completely and utterly against the death penalty…unless my boss supports it. I’m totally opposed to pornography…unless my co-worker says it’s okay. I will not, under any circumstances, have sex with an underage minor…unless my friend tells me to. I firmly believe in the core of my being that all races are equal and that every person has equal value in God’s eyes…but if my friends are going to go around beating up black people I might as well join them.

Seriously, who are these mysterious congressmen who are prepared to vote against the health care reform bill if Bart Stupak tells them to? They seriously believe in the need for health care reform…unless Bart Stupak isn’t happy with it. They firmly believe that abortion is wrong and will vote against any bill that doesn’t severely restrict women’s access to the procedure…unless Bart Stupak says it’s okay.

What the fuck? I want names, damn it! Who are these spineless, soulless people? How did they get into my congress? More importantly, how do we get them out?

The current health care bill is a massive piece of lobbyist-written garbage, a huge gift to the insurance companies which will force Americans to buy their shitty products and I’m just barely, barely in favor of passing it. It may be a god-awful bill, but it will save a handful of lives, which is better than nothing. Stupak and his mindless followers are willing to let people die because the bill doesn’t make it hard enough for poor women to end unwanted pregnancies.

That’s our government for you. We get what the corporations pay for.

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