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Fine, Just Pass the Damn Bill

January 30th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know I wrote before that the health care reform bill currently floating through congress shouldn’t be passed unless they remove the individual mandate, but at this point I’m leaning towards the position that they should just pass the thing in whatever horrible form it’s currently in and then work on tweaking it. I still wish they would remove the individual mandate, but it’s no longer a deal-breaker for me. The fact is, we need some kind of reform, if only for the sake of those people out there with pre-existing conditions or anyone else whose lives depend on passing the legislation.

But the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, thus giving Republicans a 41-out-of-100-seat-majority (that’s apparently how it works now) makes the chances of getting anything passed extremely slim. Signals are currently being sent from the White House via every liberal’s favorite chief-of-staff, Rahm Emmanuel, that health care is going to be put on the back-burner while they focus on jobs and energy. Senate “majority” leader Harry Reid has said recently that “health care can wait”. The fate of the reform that we spent the entire goddamn year working on and fighting for is now in more serious jeopardy than ever before. People are tired of talking about it, tired of thinking about it, tired of fighting over it. They just want it to go away and for nobody to think about it.

But the fact is, if they just drop the issue now, we aren’t going to forget. Just because Obama waited half-way through his State of the Union address to even mention health care reform doesn’t mean the sick and dying people of America will forget that they need reform in order to continue living. The changes on the table in Congress are by no means drastic, but they’re something. They will be of enormous help to at least some people. They will save at least some lives.

If the democrats think they can just quietly drop the issue now, cross their fingers and hope for the best in November, they’re even more clueless and pathetic than I thought. It’s almost like they’re deliberately trying to put republicans back into power because it’s so much easier politically to be in the opposition than to actually have to govern. The republicans are thriving now with their “just say no to everything” strategy, and maybe the democrats are a bit envious, longing for those easy days of the Bush presidency when all they had to do to win votes was oppose the administration. Or maybe it’s more sinister than that, and the powers-that-be who control both parties planned it this way from the very beginning just to make the people feel even more helpless and hopeless that they have any power to change things, and that they should therefore just give up and change the channel.

It was my opinion that if the health care bill was nothing more than a big fat gift to the insurance companies, we ought not to pass it. I am strongly opposed to rewarding corporate abuse, especially when that abuse means letting people die. But the fact that the insurance companies haven’t lifted a finger to try and save this bill in order to send millions of more customers their way tells me that to them, the status quo is still better than the reform bill despite the individual mandates.

Well, let’s do the opposite of what the insurance companies want us to do. If they wanted the reform, I’d still say kill it. But since they don’t seem to want it, let’s pass it.

Also, we have to keep in mind that because of the Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to contribute unlimited amounts of money to political candidates, it won’t be long before there is absolutely no hope whatsoever of passing any legislation that does any harm at all to big corporations like health insurance companies. If we wait to pass reform, it simply won’t be passed. There’s no longer any hope that we can somehow start over and come out with a better bill. The United States government is about to drown in a flood of corporate money, so let’s just pass whatever pitiful reforms we can manage while we can still manage to do anything at all.

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